Amanda Sheriff

Family Researcher

Amanda of Breadfruit Tree was born in the capital city Kingston in Jamaica. She migrated to Canada in 1974 where she settled into a loving home with her mother, stepfather and siblings. She however remained very curious about finding her biological father. All she knew about him was that he had left for England two months before she was born, and some years after his mom followed. While she was still in Jamaica, she got the sad news that his mom had passed away, but no one knew the whereabouts of her father.

The journey of her breadfruit tree began in 1979 when she took a trip from Canada to London, England in search of her father. After a two-month search, however, she returned fruitless to attend high school .  Still passionate about her need to connect with her father, she took a trip to her native land, in 1991 in search of an uncle and his family whom she recollect visiting as a child.

Her first stop in the district was at an establishment whose owner knew her dad and informed her he was at the old house two minutes away. She took her there and she finally met her dad for the first time. What a reunion it was., meeting her dad for the first time in her thirties.  Shortly after, she was told that the uncle she seek had passed away the year prior and also made aware that her dad suffered some form of mental illness while in England. As a result he was not able to give her much family history.

2007 was however when her breadfruit tree started growing. She found one aunt in England who had come to visit her twice. The older aunt who was the backbone of the family in the migrating years had passed in 1985. Since then, she became quite interested in her maternal family history although she knew much about the immediate history. She traced them back to the early 1800’s and currently, she has been in close contact with cousins she had never heard about. 

She became so obsessed with this lifestyle of connecting family and has helped countless number of people whom she came in contact with.

Allow her the pleasure of growing your breadfruit tree.

Happy eating. All fruits ripe.